My sister Alice* is recovering from PTSD. It's been almost two years since her trauma. These are her thoughts on trigger warnings. I don't know if I agree with her, but it's a perscpective I've never seen from a PTSD patient before. (There's foul language here. I'm sorry, I'm just directly transcribing.)

Me: I'm ambivalent towards trigger warnings
if only because they make me all capsy
Me: As a PTSD-patient, you don't think they have any merit at all?
Her: that's exactly why i hate them. it is my responsbility to take care of myself. it is your responsibility to not be a dick, but not to go around protecting me

frankly it's the same reason why i think its RETARDED to ban peanuts or latex balloons from schools or birthday parties IN CASE someone's allergic.

if they're allergic, they should speak up

there's a big difference between being considerate of others and being everyone's fucking nanny.

it just assumes everyone's a delicate glass flower and UGH GROSS. LEARN TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND SELF-ADVOCATE

which i want to be VERY CLEAR is not victim blaming. because peanuts don't hurt everyone, or even most people, whereas rape and assault hurt everyone

the answer to one imbalance isn't to imbalance it the other way

see the capsy?